For the highest performance on repetitive tasks, it is crucial to employ test automation procedures into the plan.


TestNation offer is based on a combination of manual and automated testing solutions, for improved capacity and coverage.


Computers don't get tired, don't take vacation and can work 24/7.


This makes them perfect for many types of tests:


  • Unit Testing - when only a piece of code is ready, it is often better suited for a machine-to-machine interface rather than manual testing


  • Smoke Testing - perfect synergy between manual and automatic tests helps decide whether any further testing is reasonable at a certain point in time


  • Regression Testing - with a good test coverage of the system, it is no longer needed to manually test the complete feature set with each consecutive software build


  • Continuous Integration - by placing test automation closer to the development phase it is possible to improve the system QUALITY even further


  • Performance Testing - test automation is a perfect fit to check how the system operates at huge workloads


  • Security Testing - with an extensive database of known security threats it is possible to know if the system is SECURE within minutes

Test Automation - for high productivity and coverage of various testing scenarios.  

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