Smoke Testing - verification of the most vital elements in the system help assess whether the solution is mature enough to undergo further detailed testing


Component Testing - extensive focus on each piece of the system helps ensure smoother integration into a complete solution


Sanity Testing - for minor changes in the software it is often more efficient to perform a limited set of tests that help accept the new features and also ensure that the core of the system was not affected


Exploratory Testing - where a machine cannot perform, our team of testers provide excellent results in finding new ways to use the system. Even the ones nobody thought of...


Error Guessing - is there a specifically difficult set of features that have been recently implemented? Our testers can focus on the culprit with surgical precision


User Experience (UX) Testing - with a large group of testers, each using a personally preferred path, it is much more efficient to evaluate the user-friendliness of the User Interfaces


Verification Testing - your product is ready, waiting to be published, it is the perfect time to perform the last 'rehearsal' and see if there are some hidden bugs. Better find them late than too late!





View some inspiring case studies from Testbirds portfolio, to learn how crowdtesting helped organisations optimize their digital products.

Crowdtesting - for authentic feedback from real users, using real devices, in real-world conditions.

Meet our complete range of crowtesting services for all your digital products - from websites, portals and e-commerce shops, mobile apps, games (including AR / VR) to Internet-Of-Things applications and smart home devices ...

Crowdtesting, by involving a group ('crowd') of independent testers, is the fastest and most accurate way to verify your digital product from an unlimited number of individual perspectives. 


TestNation's manual testing solutions are powered by Testbirds - a world leader in crowdsourced testing services, with a community of more than 400,000 testers and 900,000 devices integrated into a common global platform.


Testers involved in your project will be selected by various attributes like age, location, device used, languages, hobbies, occupation or skills - to ensure we run the test with people that think and act exactly like your customers.


For more information about TestNation and Testbirds partnership, see our press release, available in our resource section.

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