Testbirds, a world leader in crowdsourced testing, and TestNation, a Quality Assurance services outsourcing provider, agreed on a strategic partnership for their testing services today. Testbirds’ Crowdtesting capabilities provide a beneficial extension to TestNation’s outsourcing portfolio for the optimization of digital products of existing and potential customers. The partnership creates excellent testing opportunities and strengthens the position of both Testbirds and TestNation in the Polish market.


The TestNation testing and consulting services offer companies the opportunity to focus on their core business through efficient outsourcing. Their services range from consulting and end-to-end support to test automation and crowdtesting. With more than 400,000 testers and 900,000 devices worldwide, Testbirds’ portfolio of more than 25 crowdtesting services is a valuable complement to the TestNation offering. The customer-centric crowdtesting approach, which provides unbiased feedback from real users in real-world conditions, creates a real impact in optimizing the digital products of TestNation’s clients. As partners, Testbirds and TestNation will help their customers achieve the best possible usability and quality of their software, apps, and IoT devices.


“Today, different industries face the same challenges in IT development processes. Time pressure, scarcity of resources and insufficient attention lead to the release of ‘almost ready’ products“, says Marek Wojniusz, Managing Partner at TestNation. “Through our partnership with Testbirds this will become a thing of the past. With the impact of one of the world’s largest testing crowds, we enable our customers to implement globally feasible, tailor-made testing solutions, freeing up internal resources and reducing time-to-market. This fully managed win-win solution creates real value for our clients and helps them take their digital products and services to a whole new level.”


“With TestNation we have found a partner who shares our passion for the best possible quality and extends our reach in the Polish market. Poland possesses one of the leading, dynamically developing IT service markets in Europe and therefore offers enormous potential for Testbirds’ crowdtesting solutions. For TestNation, the partnership opens completely new opportunities to support their customers with the power of the Testbirds Crowd in the further development of their digital products”, says Richard Waldner, Head of Partner Management at Testbirds





TestNation is a provider of software testing and QA consulting services. Based in Gdynia, Poland, the company is supporting organisations from multiple industries across Poland, including IT, finance, insurance, education, healthcare, e-society, trading, retail and logistics.
TestNation is an entrepreneurial initiative, born out of market demand for reliable outsourcing services in the fast-developing digital economy. Combining its founders’ own experiences and desire for quality, TestNation started by delivering QA consulting and made-to-measure testing solutions.




Testbirds is an IT service provider with headquarters in Munich and offices in England and the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2011 by Philipp Benkler, Georg Hansbauer and Markus Steinhauser. Today, the company has more than 100 employees. Under the slogan, “Testing Reality – Real users. Real devices. Real impact.” Testbirds investigates digital products for user-friendliness and functionality issues by using crowd-based technologies. With over 400,000 registered testers located in 193 countries, Testbirds is one of the world’s leading Crowdtesting providers. For its innovative approach to testing of digital products, Testbirds has received many awards. The company shows social responsibility through its initiative towards fair working conditions in the crowdsourcing industry.

More information about that can be found at www.crowdsourcing-code.com. For more information about Testbirds in general, please visit www.testbirds.com.


18 August 2020

New Strategic Alliance

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